Certificate of Consistency

The Montana Department of Commerce is responsible, as the lead agency for the Consolidated Plan, for providing Certifications of Consistency with the State's Consolidated Plan for proposed projects located in jurisdictions not covered by a local Consolidated Plan. A Certificate of Consistency with the Consolidated Plan is required for entities that intend to apply for funding from HUD funded programs administrated by the state or HUD. The Department of Commerce will review all requests to ensure that the proposed project(s) meet(s) the requirements set forth in the most recent approved Consolidated Plan for the State of Montana.

Please complete the form below and submit the request through the contact form.

Certificate of Consistency Request Form

The information and instruction guide is provided to address any questions about the Certificate of Consistency form or process.

Certificate of Consistency Information & Instructions

Certificate of Consistency Presentation, May 21, 2015

If you have questions about the information provided on the Consolidated Plan website, please contact the Community MT Division at 406.841.2770 or through the contact form.