Red Tape Relief Advisory Council Public Comment Form

On January 5, 2021, Governor Gianforte signed an executive order creating the Red Tape Relief Advisory Council to implement regulatory reform. Regulatory reform is defined as a comprehensive review to revise over-complicated regulations and ensure regulations are user-friendly and easy to understand.

The process will be thorough and careful to preserve regulations necessary to implement legislative directives. The goal is to implement a comprehensive review of statutes, regulations and processes to identify:

  1. Excessive, outdated and unnecessary regulations.
  2. Regulations that are especially burdensome on Montana’s farmers, ranchers and business owners.
  3. Regulations that disproportionately impact small businesses.



The Montana Administrative Code has stifled the growth of my successful business, XXXXXX.  My business produces YYYYY in a safe and secure way, but MCA XX-YY-ZZZ requires this additional resource that provides no safety or monetary benefit for YYYYY, but does increase our cost of business while barring us from accessing wholesale retail outlets unless we comply. 


Reform MCA XX-YY-ZZZ to no longer require this additional resource or provide an exception for industries not originally contemplated in the original regulation.  So long as other safety standards are met XXXXXX should be permitted to sell YYYYY to wholesale retail outlets.


Commerce needs your help to identify what regulations are particularly burdensome and difficult to understand. Do you have an idea to help Commerce implement regulatory reform?

Complete the form below to submit your comment to identify "red tape" at the Montana Department of Commerce.