Every day, staff at the Department of Commerce work alongside private industry and local organizations to create jobs, grow businesses, provide affordable housing, and improve community infrastructure.

The economy of the Treasure State continues to grow and diversify. Studies rank Montana as the number one place to start a business in the country. Plus, our workforce has earned some of the highest rankings in both trade & technical skills by having one of the highest STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concentrations in the country.

We are here to partner with you and look for opportunities to strengthen Montana. At the Department of Commerce, we:

  • Promote Montana as a free-spirited place for adventure.
  • Promote Montana as a place to start and grow a business.
  • Promote Montana as the ultimate location to film motion pictures, commercials, documentaries, and features.
  • Offer financial assistance to Montana businesses that generate a positive economic return for the state and its citizens.
  • Maintain and improve community infrastructure.
  • Support and develop Montana’s Main Streets.
  • Expand affordable and accessible housing for all Montanans.
  • Provide financing and education for homeownership and rental assistance opportunities.
  • Provide direct technical assistance and training for Montana's entrepreneurs, businesses, and their employees in partnership with communities, counties, and local and regional development groups.

Simply put, the Department of Commerce is here to find and remove barriers to your success. Together, we will continue to invest in Montana’s future by efficiently growing sustainable economies and vibrant communities.