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Montana is Oil & Gas Country

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Montana Oil and Gas Development & Refining

Montana has a long history of responsible oil and gas exploration and production. Recent technological advancements have led to a revitalization of these staple energy resources under the Big Sky. The Montana oil industry provides a secure source of domestic energy and is responsible for thousands of good paying jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity.

The Bakken Formation, a geological formation underlying eastern Montana and western North Dakota, has received national attention as the largest continuous oil resource in the lower 48 states. Significant production from horizontal drilling began in the Bakken in 2000 with the discovery of in Montana's Elm Coulee Oil Field.

Mill Creek Generating Station, 150 MW

NorthWestern Energy’s Mill Creek Generating station, a $200 natural gas fired facility capable of producing 150 MW, was completed in 2010. The plant, located west of Anaconda will provide NorthWestern with the ability to respond to changing electric demand and is scheduled to begin serving customers by January 1, 2011. The construction of the plant employeed up to 265 workers and has created 10 full-time operations and maintenance jobs.