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Energy Promotion and Development Division


The Energy Promotion and Development Bureau fosters the responsible development of Montana's vast energy resources. The Energy Promotion and Development Bureau is the front-line for state support in energy development and our staff is poised to assist in all aspects of potential energy production facilities and the supportive energy delivery infrastructure. We work directly with Department of Commerce financing programs and other state agencies to facilitate processes related to permitting, siting, workforce, and financial assistance.


The mission of the Energy Promotion and Development Bureau is to assist in the creation of high quality energy-related jobs and enhance domestic energy security by working directly with private industry, local & regional economic development organizations, as well as with state, federal, and tribal governments to facilitate, promote and develop energy projects throughout Montana.


Montana's world class energy resources--wind, oil & gas, bioenergy, geothermal and coal--are second to none in the United States and provide the opportunity to help the nation wean itself from foreign oil and meet the challenges of global climate change while creating economic growth opportunities in Montana. Utilizing these energy resources, and our business-friendly environment, Montana is poised to lead the nation in responsible energy development. Through the work of the Energy Promotion and Development Bureau, the goals of creating jobs for Montanans, securing the economic future of our tribal partners, and providing home-grown energy to the nation's growing population and economy will become reality.


Tom Kaiserski, Program Manager

Michaela Wolfinger, Program Assistant

Dustin de Yong, Energy Development Specialist